VMware Cloud director 10.2 is there

VMware Cloud Director 10.2 is there! This is a big release and a big step forward.

I played already with Cloud Director 10.2 for a while and this is a big release with lots of improvements:

  • NSX-T integration: The NSX-T integration was significantly improved so that NSX-V and NSX-T reached feature parity! One of my personal highlights are the support of VRF´s and the AVI load integration
  • Support of vSphere with Tanzu in Cloud Director: VMware Cloud Director supports as of now vSphere with Tanzu integration. It is possible to enable self-service creation of TKG clusters and management out of VMware Cloud Director 10.2

Please stay tuned, I will publish a series of blog posts on the integration of vSphere with Tanzu in VMware Cloud Director very soon!

For your reference:

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